Forever More Singer Puff Johnson Dead at 40

Forever More Singer Puff Johnson Dead at 40-626-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Forever More Singer Puff Johnson Dead at 40!

The singer/songwriter Puff Johnson, born Ewanya Johnson has lost her battle with cervical cancer on Monday at the age of 40.

Johnson was best known for her songs “Forever more” and “Over and Over” which shot to the limelight back in 1996. Her Album miracle was a hit in many continents.

In 2008 Johnson was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She sang along to many musical icons including Tupac Shakur’s “Me Against the world” and also opened for the late Michael Jackson in his European Tour.

After her stint in the limelight, Johnson retreated to South Africa where she decided to stay following her concert in Johannesburg.

Here are just a couple songs to remember her by.

Puff Johnson “Please Help Me, I’m Falling “

We will miss you Puff. RIP!