Floyd Mayweather In The Dog House


Floyd Mayweather In The Dog House

It appears that Floyd Mayweather In The Dog House With The Nevada State Athletic Commission for cheering on two boxersfight till whoever quits!”

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that some footage that was shown in “All Access: Maidana vs. Mayweather 2” may have him in some serious trouble with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has ordered Floyd to appear before a 5-person panel at its meeting on Tuesday to answer questions about unsafe training conditions at his gym in Las Vegas.

Here is what we are hearing from via ESPN who reports the following:

During the episode — part of a promotional vehicle for the pay-per-view — footage aired of amateur boxer Sharif Rahman, one of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman’s sons, taking a serious beating from amateur Donovan Cameron while Mayweather watched what was supposed to be a sparring session.

Upset that his brother had taken such a vicious beating, Hasim Rahman Jr., Sharif’s older brother, challenged Cameron to get into the ring with him.

While members of the gym lined up wagers, they fought for 31 consecutive minutes until Cameron could not go on and Rahman was declared the winner. Mayweather was present, cheering wildly.

During an interview during the episode to discuss what he calls “the dog house,” Mayweather said of the intense sessions, “The dog house — the rules are you fight till whoever quits.”

Mayweather later added, smiling, “Guys fight to the death. It’s not right but it’s dog house rules.” Nobody appeared to show any regard for the health and safety of the boxers, and that concerned the commission