Florida State QB Jameis Winston Suspended


Florida State QB Jameis Winston Suspended!!!

Florida State QB Jameis Winston Suspended after he yelled out obscenities in the middle of campus yesterday which got him on the bench for 1 HALF of FSU‘s game versus Clemson this weekend!

Hopefully this is the last of his negative headlines, because we are tired of NFL players screwing up, beating their women, beating their kids and causing mayhem. It’s a bad look all the way around and if this is any inclination that he is going to be like Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Adrian Peterson, Chad Johnson, Aaron Hernandez or any of the players who have literally ruined their careers, they maybe the NFL doesn’t need him. CelebNMusic247.com feels the NFL needs to start looking at their player closer, because you can take the man out of the hood but sometimes you can’t get the hood out of the man.

Since his suspension, Jameis has just issued a public apology to his coaches, school and teammates, calling his actions “selfish.”

He added:

“That’s not how you do things around here.”

We understand he’s young, but some guys never get it how little things like this ruin careers. Wake up Jameis, your career awaits you or it doesn’t!

Check the report below:

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been suspended for 1 HALF of FSU’s game versus Clemson this weekend for screaming “F*** her right in the p***y” right in the middle of campus yesterday.

Several students tweeted about the incident Tuesday — saying the Heisman Trophy winner stood up on a table and screamed it from the top of his lungs … while people around him cracked up.

Of course, the phrase has become an Internet sensation in the past few months … with hecklers often screaming it behind news reporters who are in the middle of live news shots.

It’s just the latest in a string of problems for Winston — who was convicted of stealing crab legs earlier this year … and last year, had the cops called on him for allegedly stealing soda from a Burger King.

Of course, he was also accused of raping a student … though no charges were ever filed against him.


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