Evelyn Lozada Weighs In on Ray Rice Elevator Video


Evelyn Lozada Weighs In on Ray Rice Elevator Video

Basketball Wives star and former wife of Chad Ochocinco Johnson is EXTREMELY DISTURBED with Ray Rice so Evelyn Lozada Weighs In on Ray Rice Elevator Video!

Remember Evelyn has been through the same thing as Janay a couple years back when Ochocinco head butted her, splitting her head open during a fight which lead to immediate divorce.

Now CelebNMusic247.com has the drop on Evelyn Lozada who is weighing in on Ray Rice beating his now wife in an Atlantic City elevator and tossing her body like yesterday’s trash. As previously reported people are outraged after surveillance footage was released of Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious that led to an ONLY two-game suspension

Here’s the drop:

Like several other celebs, Evelyn is chiming in with her opinion and getting some strong reactions from fans on Twitter. The basketball wife first started out by remarking that the video had her P’Od and shook off a jab from a fan who tried to embarrass her by posting a picture of her bloodied face after her domestic violence situation.

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We understand Evelyn’s point of view. She was smart enough to leave and divorce Ochocinco.