Erica Mena Has Emotional Farewell On LHHNY

Erica Mena Has Emotional Farewell On LHHNY-0413-1

Erica Mena Has Emotional Farewell On LHHNY!!!

Tonight Love & Hip Hop 5 Reunion was filled with drama, but when Erica Mena Has Emotional Farewell On LHHNY Rich Dollaz is like whatever saying LHHNY will live on without Mena.

Mona Scott-Young and Erica Mena recapped her time on Love and Hip Hop for the past 5 years. Erica reveals that she was in an abusive relationship for such a long time that she was lost and confused. She thanked Mona for find her and knowing that she would be right for Love & Hip Hop.

Mena also says that she was happy to have an outlet to get her problems worked out and how much Love & Hip Hop helped her to become the woman she is today. She also reveals that she is never saying no to reality TV, but she would not be coming back to a format like LHHNY.


Anyways,¬†Erica’s goodbye to LHHNY was NOT well received by Rich Dollaz, Cyn Santana or Chrissy Monroe and they all had something to say about her leaving.


Rich basically said that the show will live on without Erica Mena.

Cyn Santana said she had nothing but positive wishes for Erica and that she doesn’t care. She is done with Erica, she just hopes everything works out for her.

Chrissy Monroe says that she isn’t gonna waste her breath. Wait she just did? Then she says that she doesn’t want to say anything because Erica will be all over twitter and Instagram calling her an old B, so she’s like bye!


We will miss Erica Mena, she was one of our favorites on LHHNY, so we wish her the best and comeback soon. Well we’re hoping, because Mena is badass, the only one like Mena is Jhonni Blaze, but she has a pinch of cray-cray in her.


What do you think of Erica Mena leaving? Would you watch a show that was all about Mena?