Erica Mena CLAPS BACK At The Breakfast Club


Erica Mena CLAPS BACK At The Breakfast Club!?!

This week it was reported that Bow Wow called out Empire for playing on “Black Stereotypes” so The Breakfast Club made Bow Wow “The Donkey of The Day” so Erica Mena CLAPS BACK At The Breakfast Club!

Mena is ready to unleash the beast on The Breakfast Club for making fun of her soon to be husband Bow Wow since called his statement “The Donkey of The Day.”

Now the Love and Hip Hop star Erica Mena Called OUT Charlamagne and DJ Envy for their antics in defence of Shad Moss.


Here is what Charlamagne had to say during the “Donkey of the Day” segment calling Bow Wow a hypocrite:

Actually Charlamagne CALLED OUT Bow Wow for the stereotypical roles he played in a Madea film. He is now staring on the new CSI spin-off called CSI: Cyber, but Shad should NEVER forget his roots as a rapper and actor who has starred in films that play on stereotypes.

What has learned is Erica is NOT mad about the stereotypes she’s mad that Charlamagne called her a stereotype and question why would Shad marry someone like her. A reckless, hot-tempered woman who is normally out of control and is the center of mass drama. Have you watched Love and Hip Hop? We love Mena, but we understand Chars point regarding Shad Moss aka Bow Wow’s comment about Empire. #DontForgetYourRoots

As usual Erica Mena decided to clap back, telling Charlamagne and DJ Envy to F off is so many words, check it:

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Do you agree with Charlamagne?