E40 Launches Sluricane Liquor For The Holidays


E40 Launches Sluricane Liquor For The Holidays!!!

After launching his Earl Stevens wine collection in 2013, bay area rap veteran and Ambassador of the Yay, E-40 Launches Sluricane Liquor For The Holidays!

40 Water continues his run in the spirits industry, introducing a premixed cocktail beverage, dubbed Sluricane Hurricane, and we gotta say it’s a perfect drink for the holiday season. We stooped by Food 4 Less, who has completely sold out of Sluricane.


Inspired by the 1995 song from his group The Click, the bottled drink is premixed version of the sweet cocktail, known as a Hurricane. Popular in New Orleans, the drink is made with rum and fruit juice, syrup or grenadine. E-40’s version is touted as a “Category Five,” boasting 18% alcohol content.

The E-40 Sluricane Hurricane hit stores December 20th in the Yay area, but will can be found in stores nationwide shortly. It taste great and if you like Hypnotic or liquors like that then you’ll love Sluricane.  The spirited Sluricane Hurricane is a caramel colored and premixed rum cocktail that’s 18 percent alcohol by volume.

Remember the song that started it all?

The name references the chorus of “Hurricane,” a 1995 song by The Click (E-40, sister Suga T, brother D-Shot, cousin B-Legit): “Hurricane, you can call me Sluricane. . . ”

The Click – “Hurricane”:

“It’s the bidness – Two thumbs up, but it creeps up on ya making you get slurred!”

– CelebNMusic247.com