Dr. Dre’s Wife Hits Roadblock To Grill Alleged Mistresses

Dr. Dre's Wife Hits Roadblock To Grill Alleged Mistresses

Dr. Dre’s Wife Hits Roadblock To Grill Alleged Mistresses!

We previously reported that Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole Young wanted his mistresses to sit for depositions! Well, that won’t be happening…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole Young won’t be able to grill the music mogul’s alleged mistresses about their activities with her husband just yet.

Despite the fact that Dr. Dre is said to be dating Omarion’s ex, Apryl Jones, these days, Nicole Young’s request to grill his previous mistresses just got blocked.

Meanwhile, Moniece Slaughter has confirmed Dre and Apryl, but she went to say that the hip-hop veteran has been sending her threats. She stated he is a woman beater, which is what Nicole and others have been saying from the beginning.

What we’ve learned:

According to reports, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge presiding over Nicole’s divorce from Dre decided not to rule on whether she is allowed to depose the three women Kili Anderson, Jillian Speer, and Crystal Rogers aka Crystal Sierra.

The alleged mistresses have been fighting Nicole over subpoenas she issued. The subpoenas demand each woman sit for a lengthy deposition where she would have the opportunity to ask them questions about their relationship with Dre and if he purchased them any property with marital funds.

The judge in the case decided to refer the motion to a discovery referee who will make the final decision. It’s unclear how long it will take before a final decision is made.

In their opposition, the alleged mistress, who hired the same lawyer to represent them, argued the subpoenas should be quashed. They believe Nicole is trying to get the information she has no right to knowing with her subpoenas.The Blast

Their motion said Nicole was just trying to get information from them in an attempt to have her prenuptial agreement with Dre thrown out.