Dr. Dre Served Divorce Papers At His Grandma’s Funeral

Dr. Dre Served Divorce Papers At His Grandma's Funeral

Dr. Dre Served Divorce Papers At His Grandma’s Funeral!

Producer Dr. Dre was served with divorce papers at his grandmother’s funeral…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that a process server arrived at the Los Angeles cemetery as the producer was paying his respects.

Apparently, that was the only place to serve him, which was completely inappropriate.

In fact, the server and Dr. Dre reportedly got into a verbal altercation at the event.

What was worse is that Dre was reportedly standing next to his grandma’s casket as it happened. He refused to take the papers in his hands.

Nicole Young was served the papers in a parking lot.

Last month, Dre was ordered to pay his estranged wife another $1.55 million in legal fees and costs.

The judge ruled that Nicole’s legal fees in the case are an estimated $3 million, plus costs.

That means the producer must pay $1 million in fees, plus another $550,000 in costs associated with the case. That same month, $350,000, alleging she embezzled from his company, Recording One studio.

He says they both had access to the “maintenance and control” of the business’ assets before their divorce but that she “decimated” his assets by allegedly “embezzling and stealing” $353,571.85 from the company’s account and used the money “for her own, personal obligations.”