Doodie Lo Allegedly Sodomized Ex-Gf’s 5-Year Old Son With Screw

Doodie Lo Allegedly Sodomized Ex-Gf's 5-Year Old Son With Screw

Doodie Lo Allegedly Sodomized Ex-Gf’s 5-Year Old Son With Screw!

This is utterly disturbing! How could a grown man do this to a little boy? If this is 100% true Doodie Lo NEEDS to go to jail for LIFE! And maybe he can experience some man-on-man action in prison so he knows how it feels.


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A post shared by BAE ? (@ftnbae_) reports that Only The Family member Doodie Lo is facing some serious and disturbing allegations from an ex-girlfriend.

Shortly after Doodie Lo broke up with his girlfriend it appears that he took out his anger on her son by allegedly sodomizing him with a screw.

On Wednesday (October 27), the mother shared an Instagram post that included audio of her son crying as he confessed what had happened to him. She went into acute detail in the caption, explaining she’d noticed her son was having trouble controlling his bowels to the point she had to put him back in diapers.

She captioned the post with this message about the Lil Durk affiliate and what he did to her son:

What you’re hearing is my 5-year-old son Wesley crying to me about what my ex-boyfriend @otf_doodielo (David) did to him. For the last 2 months my son was pooping in his pants it was so bad I had to put diapers back on him. October 1st my son finally told me what had happened to him. I’m thankful to God because a lot of kids DONT speak up because they were scared just like my son.

I have been dealing with this for almost a month and it’s been the hardest thing I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE & I WILL NOT remain quiet for one more second.

Doodie Lo’s ex-girlfriend FTN Bae explains that she just wants “justice for MY SON.”

FTN Bae accused Doodie Lo of using hardware he found in her toolbox to penetrate the little boy:

August 6th I had a show in Orlando & @otf_doodielo was at my house along with my roommate and my son and his 3-year-old cousin. Once I left this SICK man welted 3 screws (that he found in my toolbox) and shoved them up my son’s anus. Scared and afraid my son hid the screws outside so he “couldn’t find it & do it again” and never told me about it. He was trying to be sooo tough that he dealt with this for 2 months and it clearly was AFFECTING him. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, I would think this would be my story (“my boyfriend sexually assaulting my son”) My son and my life will never be the same. This is not a sympathy post or a clout post this is simply me a heartbroken mother WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING I can do for justice for MY SON!

She adds:

While I’m patiently waiting for the police to complete their investigation I NEEDED to speak up and expose this SICK MAN to warn other females with kids and maybe other girls who dealt with him should talk to their kids. This couldn’t have been his first time but he picked the right family to fuck with. You just never know who people really are & what they’re capable of. Stay blessed ?

She States She is NOT OK:


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And then posts another horrific video:


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