Doe B’s Killer Appeared in His Video


(CelebNMusic247 – News) Doe B’s Killer Appeared in His Video?

A Shocking new discovery in the murder of rapper Doe B reveals that the man who gunned him down was in his video “Let Me Find Out.”

The details about B’s death is raising eyebrows and makes one question who they run with and if they will turn at any given moment.  There is a second suspect in the murder of rapper Doe B aka Glen Thomas and Kim Johnson at a Montgomery Alabama nightclub has a strange connection to the Hustle Gang Member.

Here’s the drop:

25-year old Darius Thomas was actually featured in Doe’s video “Let Me Find Out.” You can see him at the 11 second mark point a gun at the camera. We reported earlier another shooter, Jason McWillliams, had turned himself in to Alabama police.

Thomas was killed in Montgomery Alabama the day after Christmas after gunfire errupted in the club. Johnson was killed by accident. The funeral for Thomas will be held this weekend.


Would you consider this some real hater ish or straight up jealousy against the Hustle Gang Member?



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