DMX Manager Steve Rifkind Confirms ‘DMX Still Alive’

DMX Manager Steve Rifkind Confirms 'He's Still Alive'

DMX Manager Steve Rifkind Confirms ‘DMX still alive‘!

In the past few hours, one tweet that was posted said #RIPDMX causing a domino effect of FAKE NEWS that DMX has died.

Twitter is spreading FAKE NEWS about the Ruff Ryder rapper who is still alive in the hospital on life support. Read on since Steve Rifkind confirms DMX still alive… reports Steve Rifkind confirms that DMX still alive – while the family is still holding out for a miracle that Earl Simmons brain will heal and he will wake from his coma.

When a person is in a coma, people don’t wake up in a few days sometimes it takes a month or two and the family NEEDS to realize that there is hope for DMX.  If he is a full code, then his insurance will cover his hospital stay. Trust, we had a family member in a coma last year for six weeks, the doctors said she was going to be brain dead, and she came out of it, this is why the family NEEDs to advocate, be in the room, talk to him read a book to him, play his music, the brain needs stimulation to heel.

DMX Manager Steve Rifkind took to social media asking for people to stop with FALSE REPORTS on DMX.

Rifkind said:

In a social media post on Thursday, Rifkind confirmed DMX’s condition following his heart attack last week and called on the public to not spread “false rumors.” He also said that a statement from the family would be coming on Friday. On Sunday, DMX’s former manager Nakia Walker told The New York Times and BuzzFeed that the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, had little to no brain activity or function.

On Tuesday, Rifkind said DMX would undergo further brain scans Wednesday and his family “would determine what’s best from there.”

Give him time, he is in a coma, his mind needs to heal, the power and drive of a person can truly be a miracle but the family needs to give X at least a month.

Squeeze his hands, pinch his feet, it’s not a reaction, if he moves then that means there is hope. Don’t let nurses or doctors try to sway the family to give up.

Check out Steve asking people to STOP spreading FAKE NEWS with #RIPDMX and now #SODMX:


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