DMX No Improvement: Family Still Holding For Miracle


DMX No Improvement: Family Still Holding For Miracle!

While doctors are painting a grim picture about DMX recovering from an overdose, the family is forced to make a difficult decision. Read on since DMX shows No Improvement… reports sources close to his family tell us, X’s mother, Arnett Simmons, his fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, and his baby mama, Yadira Borrego, along with his children, have become a tight-knit group over the last week.

As for DMX’s condition, while the family is still holding out hope for a miracle, and while he remains on life support with no improvement in brain function following Wednesday’s testing.

As of late Thursday night, the rapper’s manager and close friend Steve Rifkind said … his condition has not changed.

We’re told his loved ones have been staying at his home and friends’ homes in the area … never too far from White Plains Hospital where DMX remains in a coma.

While the women in DMX’s life have never had beef in the past — we’re told X made sure he kept everyone cordial — the trauma of the last 7 days has strengthened their bond.

They’ll all need each other’s support in the days ahead, because they may soon be faced with an agonizing decision — perhaps as soon as Friday — about whether to withdraw life support.

If and when that choice needs to be made, we’re told X’s mom will have the final word.

As we first told you … the battery of tests performed on DMX Wednesday showed no signs of improved brain activity since he was first hospitalized late last Friday night.

Multiple sources, including Rifkind, have told us the prognosis is not good.

Still, his family members — like millions of fans — remain prayerful, and in full support of his mother, Arnett.