DJ Vlad Casanova Interview Used To Build Racketeering Case

DJ Vlad Casanova Interview Used To Build Racketeering Case

DJ Vlad Casanova Interview Used To Build Racketeering Case!

Back in 2017 Brooklyn rapper, Casanova did an interview with DJ Vlad where he happened to spill a lot of dirt on himself and now its coming back to haunt him. Read on…


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A post shared by CASANOVA ???? (@casanova_2x) reports that Casanova did think there was anything wrong in what he was saying at the time, but he apparently incriminated himself in the process.

Why do rappers keep incriminating themselves while speaking to DJ Vlad? He’s no friend, at the end of the day, he’s media and whatever he published is available to police. Just like MTO.

Anyways, during the interview VLAD questioned Casanova, real name Caswell Senior, discusses many topics, including committing robberies, cutting inmates in prison, and allegedly becoming the biggest gangster in Flatbush. Cas freely spoke with Vlad about his prior criminal acts.

Vlad started trending on Twitter on Tuesday, and it once again ignited the conversation on who is to blame? Why do rappers continue to go on VLAD and trust him?

According to The New York Times, the court filing against Casanova states that recorded prison calls, Instagram, and iMessages were also used to build a case against the “Don’t Run” rapper. According to the filing, the messages revealed that he relied on gang members for protection and supplied drugs to the gang.

Casanova was indicted last week along with 17 other people for charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, firearms possession, and murder. Senior has not been charged with murder.

The charges stem from activities that began ten years ago. At the time, Casanova was still in prison on a prior robbery charge.

The rapper turned himself in last Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and remained behind bars, according to Baller Alert.