DJ Skribble Talks DJ’ing, MTV, His USO Tour and DJ Pauly D

( DJ Skribble Talks DJ‘ing, MTV and DJ Pauly D caught up with the extremely busy DJ Skribble. Skribble and I spoke about his beginning with his group Young Black Teenagers in the 92 and how he transitioned to working with MTV and how he had the opportunity working with MTV, launching his career.

He went from working with the Fugees to Yo MTV Raps before working full-time with MTV.  Skribble worked on MTV’s The GrindTotal Request LiveSpring Break,Hip Hop Night and the Millennium Special Live.  He has appeared several times on various radio and television shows, and appeared in the 2000 film Turn It Up. Skribble, who has charted as the number 4 electronic album of all time, grateful to MTV and the opportunity the Network helped to brand him as a household name.

DJ Skribble recalls saving his money and working in his basement perfecting his craft as a DJ. He talks about how being a DJ has evolved and working with Traktor Scratch Pro, which elevates the skipping that happened with vinyl back in the day.

He talks about how he transitioned from hip hop Dj’ing to electronic house music. He has done over 36 compilations, but Skribble is constantly working, DJ’ing around the US and the world. He is one of the best DJ’s in the Nation and is forever pushing the envelope with his craft.

Skribble tells us how touching and emotionally gratifying it was for him to headline his own USO tour for the tropes – He and Naughty By Nature flew across the waters to perform for the men and women who fight for our country. Skribble explains it was an unimaginable experience. Skribble about how DJ Pauly D has transitioned from Dj to Reality star and back to DJ’ing again. Skribble and Pauly worked on the track Beat That Beat for the Jersey Shore soundtrack for 2010. the song was the breakout track for Pauly. Skribble explains how Pauly D has been thrown into the mecca of DJ and becoming a branded DJ like himself through MTV.

The Italian-American and Long Island, New York grown native also talks about a funny Tattoo incident, which you will have to listen to in the interview. Skribble is set to begin working in a new movie called Defenders, which stars Kevin Costner, Flo Rida Laz Alonzo and more., When is comes to reality TV, Skribble may not have watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he admits his guilty pleasure is Big Ang. Listen to the interview and find out about his new charity to help raise money and awareness for cancer.

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