Diddy Closing Down Bad Boy Records


Diddy Closing Down Bad Boy Records?!?

One of hip hop’s most known record labelsBad Boy Records apparently is closing its doors and moving to Revolt!

Now we don’t believe this and we hope this rumor plays out to be false, but rumor has it Diddy may be moving forward and putting his Bad Boy days behind him?

Here what is being said:

In the 90s it was all about Bad Boy Records with The Notorious BIG, 112, Lil Kim, Total, Faith Evans,  Craig Mack, Mase, Loon, G-Dep, Carl Thomas and many more, but those days are long gone and the golden era of hip hop has truly faded.

These days, Bad Boy Records has been less than impressive with lackluster artists and groups like Day 26, Danity Kane, Cassie, Diddy-Dirty Money and many more seen here in the artist graveyard or as Bad Boy would say, their Rooster. Bad Boy has always pumped out hits, but NOT like the 90s and many artists were thrown to the waste side after one or two albums. It was said in many circles that Diddy didn’t want his artist’s light to shine brighter than his and that Bad Boy had many sign shady record deals, observant costs, leaving many artists now destitute with no outlet or label to produce them. Today there is less than a handful of artists making a buzz from Bad Boy like Janelle Monae and French Montana. The only problem is none of his current artists (Cassie, Janelle Monae or French Montana) have reached platinum or gold success.

In light of the two radio friendly artists, which is a sad comparison to yester-year its only obvious the next step is to close and dissolve the label.

If the rumor plays out to be true this is actually the end of a movement and golden day of hip hop and its culture, but everyone still remembers hits like “All About the Benjamins ,” “Big Poppa,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “Flava In Ya Ear” and many more.

Word on the street via AHH is that Diddy has FIRED all his employees and sent the rest to the REVOLT.

You may remember REVOLT is a new music network created by the mogul that is also rumored to be bumpy start and is still not in many cities yet.

As for French Montana and Janelle Monae, they’ll be transferred over to Interscope Records.

Like we said, this is a RUMOR and we are hoping things are NOT true, but if it does pan out that this has happened we wish the best for all the artists involved.

UPDATE: We want to thank one of our readers who corrected us in regards to REVOLT TV.

Our reader writes:

“FYI – Diddy did NOT “create” REVOLT TV. Andy Schuon is actually the founder and owner. Schuon already had music channels running in casinos and other networks and created REVOLT and Diddy presented him with a partnership proposal after knowing Def jam was going to crap.”

“He used his name as the founder to create the buzz he is in NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM or FASHION the creator or founder of REVOLT TV. He is in partnership with Schuon, whom already had REVOLT established.”

Diddy knows what he is doing and we wouldn’t be surprised if he opens a new label called Revolt Entertainment. As for now, enjoy REVOLT that channel puts MTV to shame…

And in the words of Biggie, “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

If Biggie were alive, do you think Bad Boy would still dominate? Has Diddy’s bad reputation with signing artists finally caught up to him?