Did Erica Mena Leak Private Pics of DJ Envy Package

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Did Erica Mena Leak Private Pics of DJ Envy Package?

When the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop” aired this past Monday, people thought they were done having to see Erica Mena go back and forth with Rich Dollaz, his mother, Olivia.

Those people thought wrong because Erica Mena’s name is being linked to the leaking of fake “package” pics of DJ Envy.

It’s been speculated that Mena sent the email to Envy, which features three photos, one of a man’s genitals and another one of Envy.  An email was sent to various blogs and publications claiming DJ Envy is still cheating on his wife. Erica Mena’s name gets mentioned, but only in passing. the email read:

The email reads:

“Here are facts! ‘Married’ Dj envy is STILL sleeping around! You can see by the tattoo on his arm that was just re-done that he is still the same old dog. Clearly Erica Mena isn’t the only one he is/has slept with. He is still to this day sleeping around on his wife behind her back. Even after his well played break down on air.

Ask him about me sincerely “rich b**ch”

Check the photos…


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