“Dazed and Confused” Star Jason London Arrested

"Dazed and Confused" Star Jason London Arrested

“Dazed and Confused” Star Jason London Arrested!

Jason London is best known for his role in the 1993 cult classic film “Dazed and Confused” which launched multiple careers like
Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Adam Goldberg, Marissa Ribisi, Parker Posey, Cole Hauser, Michelle Burke and more…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Jason London was reliving his “Dazed and Confused” days since he was so drunk he swerved off a road and crashed his car … multiple times, according to cops.

According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, the “Dazed and Confused” star was arrested late Tuesday around 11:30 PM in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when cops found him behind the wheel of a 2010 Nissan Maxima that was on fire and stuck in a ditch.

Cops say London’s passenger was standing near the car — which had sustained heavy damage on the passenger side — and London claimed someone had sideswiped them and run them off the road.

London — who played football star Randall “Pink” Floyd in “Dazed and Confused” reeked of booze, could barely keep his balance, and had slurred speech.

Cops investigated the scene and believe he swerved off the road, mowed down a sign, got back on the road, and then hit a concrete object before driving into a ditch.

London was booked for public intoxication and leaving the scene of an accident. When they got him to jail in Jackson County, cops say he was so drunk and out of it they couldn’t fingerprint him.

As for why they didn’t hit him with a DUI — an Ocean Springs PD spokesperson tells us the officer used his discretion, and instead decided to arrest him on the other charges. We’re guessing the thought process was he hadn’t observed London driving.