David Banner Secretly Married


David Banner Secretly Married?!?

Rumor has it that activist for the black community and rebellious rapper David Banner Secretly Married with a private ceremony!

CelebNMusic247.com has aught wind that our friend David Banner secretly got hitched at a extremely private ceremony via Illseed.

The AHH writer suggests about the “Shawty Say” rapper:

Rapper David Banner had an intimate ceremony in which he and his lady exchanged vows. I wouldn’t know, but “they” say Banner now has a ring to match the rumors. All good…After that BET cypha…its glad to see Banner give life. He killed that.

Can it be true that the “Suicide Doors” rapper got hitched???

There’s been no confirmation or denial from Banner.

What CelebNMusic247.com knows is factual is that David released his Evil Knievil on iTunes for his fans to purchase. It’s available now.

David Banner had arguably one of the best verses at this years BET Hip-Hop Awards during the infamous cypher performances. Coming off the high of that, the Mississippi rapper has sprung out a new track today titled Evil Knievil featuring production by Seige Monstracity and a guest appearance from Ernestine Johnson. Banner takes the time to ready us for his upcoming album The God Box, by doing what he does best and that’s speak to the people through music to get his message heard and out there. David Banner’s new album is slated to release in the Summer of next year.OnSmash