Darius McCrary Says Son Fears Being Abused


Darius McCrary Says Son Fears Being Abused!?!

Actor Darius McCrary Says Son Fears Being Abused by his stepdad and now McCrary REFUSES to return his 7-year-old son to his baby mama on a Michigan-bound plane.

CelebNMusic247.com has just caught wind that everything unraveled last week at LAX, when Darius McCrary was saying his goodbyes to his son when the boy had a tantrum and cops were called because he was afraid of his stepdad.

We feel Darius did the right thing and kept his son safe with him here in LA.:


According to the police report, McCrary told officers the boy was terrified to return home because his stepfather had physically abused him back in January. Cops then spoke with to the boy and got the same story.

Cops got the message and allowed Darius to leave the airport with his son. The Dept. of Children and Family Services was notified, and that triggered a court battle.

Darius tried to convince an L.A. County judge to award him full custody, but the judge decided the case could only be handled by the Michigan courts and the kid had to be returned to his mom.

So Friday afternoon, Darius met the baby mama at the Hollywood Police Station and handed off their son, who became an emotional wreck.
Darius plans to carry on the fight in Michigan.

We’ve reached out to the baby mama’s attorney for comment … so far, no word back.

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