Cynthia Bailey Responds To Split RUMORS


Cynthia Bailey Responds To Split RUMORS!!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star and model Cynthia Bailey is NO FOOL, She and Peter ARE NOT Splitting, that’s why Cynthia Bailey Responds To Split RUMORS.

Our favorite ride or die chick, Cynthia Bailey Defends Her Husband Peter!!! previously reported that the Peter Thomas RUMOR was made up by website TheShadeRoom, who claimed to have some hot tea to spill about herhusband.

Well they were wrong.

Yesterday Peter Thomas was put on BLAST after he was allegedly spotted cozying up to another woman at a club hit the web.

Now has the REAL tea since Cynthia Bailey is speaking out about the situation just twenty four hours after a video surfaced.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is telling Us magazine that rumors of their split are false. The instagram video is NOT a deal breaker for Cynthia.


She tells them:

“My marriage is not perfect. We’re going to deal with this issue as husband and wife.”  

“Most marriages go through their share of challenges, and ups and downs. Peter and I are no exception. I felt the video was inappropriate, and embarrassing. I expect him to accept full accountability for his actions. We are coming up on our five-year wedding anniversary and we will deal with this situation as husband and wife. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and concerns.”

Cynthia also chatted with the radio station and said:

“I wasn’t there. When I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate…but I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things…I’m going to need him to be a little more careful with who he’s kissing on or looking like he’s kissing on or putting his hands on the neck or grazing their breast.”

Peter is denying that anything inappropriate, so he set the record straight yesterday with a video apology to Cynthia for how it looks. He Instagrammed an apology earlier today but deleted it right after.

He pleaded his case, saying:

“These people, my 5 years anniversary is next month and everybody been trying to trip my ass up. There’s stuff all over Instagram that makes me look like a big ass cheater. That’s not what it is. That’s a friend of mine at a club that I was talking to. Looks crazy — I know it does, so I’m apologizing to my wife. I’m apologizing to my two beautiful daughters…daddy’s not a cheater.”

None of this adds up, and we are a bit skeptical on this one.

Did you know filming for season 8 has already begun for the Housewives of the A, so it sounds like Bravo is dregging up some messy storylines for Mr Thomas and Mrs Bailey.

Why would The Shade Room be the only one to have it on Instagram, if Peter, himself did the video – it would show up in his timeline unless he did it on one of their phones. You know you have to use the same phone when posting to IG.

Just saying because it seems a bit fishy.

What do you think?

Real or Fake like Rachel Dolezal claiming she’s black?