Cynthia Bailey Responds to Peter and Apollo Rumors


Cynthia Bailey Responds to Peter and Apollo Rumors

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey has weighed in on the recent Pajama Brawl and the RUMORS that Peter was somehow involved with Apollo Nida’s  illegal activities.

In a recent interview with Cynthia Bailey and Jet Magazine has learned about the Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida rumor.

In regards to the Pillow Talk Brawl Cynthia states:

“I say when Kenya actually got up. I don’t want to put the blame on her, but her emotion just caused a domino effect. You know we are all grown and personally, I always try to be rational and conduct myself with class, but sometimes my crew is a little messy sometimes  — and I can’t not throw a rock in there sometimes.”

As for the allegations against her husband Peter Thomas, she adds:

“I can’t speak on Apollo, but I can say that Peter Thomas doesn’t have anything to do with a bank fraud scandal to my knowledge. The feds are not sitting outside of our house. That is just not accurate information, and this is the first time that I have heard rumors that Peter is involved in any way.”

There you have it, Peter Thomas IS NOT involved in any illegal activity with Phaedra Parks husband Apollo.