Courtney Stodden vs Amanda Bynes

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There’s a new Twitter feud a brewing and its about to get ugly if thing pop off with Amanda Bynes and Courtney Stodden.

In the words of Mortal Combat – Let the battle begin FIGHT!

Recently Courtney Stodden was asked what she’d say to Amanda Bynes if she were the next victim of her social media “ugly” call-outs, Fishwrapper reports.

Here’s the drop:

Never one to be upstaged, Stodden simply replied, “I would call her ugly too.”

Good lord, this cannot end well.

At press time, Bynes hasn’t risen to the challenge but this verbal smackdown won’t likely go unnoticed.

Previous victims of Amanda Bynes and her ugly insults include Drake, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and even the Obamas. Bynes incessantly bites back at co-stars and haters alike. No one is safe!

Keep an eye on these two. Between their shared love of the spotlight and plastic surgery, there is room for only one reigning queen of strange.

Now we wait for Amanda to bite. It’s almost like fishing you put the bait out and wait for the fish to go for the bait.