Cops Say Suge Knight Is Lying

Rap mogul Suge Knight stands in court during his arraignment on murder charges at the Compton Courthouse in Compton

Cops Say Suge Knight Is Lying!!!

As if this comes as a surprise to anyone, but according to law enforcement sources Suge Knight Is Lying about having a gun pointed at him.

Yesterday Suge Knight claimed he was ambushed, but either his people are either delusional or lying because they claim that Knight was fleeing for his life after actor Cle “Bone” Sloan was pointing a gun at him (allegedly).

Here’s the problem has learned via TMZ who reports that law enforcement sources reveal that the video they believe will exonerate him is the same video prosecutors believe will put him away.


Here’s the drop:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there is no gun or gunmen in any of the video footage captured by the security cameras at Tam’s hamburger joint the day of the fatal parking lot altercation.

We’re told cops are certain the video footage proves Suge intentionally ran over Cle “Bone” Sloan — and in the process, Terry Carter. We’re told prosecutors are making the video a cornerstone of their case.

As we previously reported … our Suge sources say the video shows the fight was a planned ambush — and “Bone” can be seen with a gun in his hand.

Bottom line is that none of this would have NEVER happened if Suge left the first time Dr Dre had security throw him out. He popped up at the second location on the promo video shoot that is seen before the trailer. He was NOT invited there and was NOT welcome according to multiple sources at the scene. Now he also trying to spin a story of ambush which is completely FALSE by multiple sources.

No matter how many ways you look at this, Suge Knight was wrong from the jump. It doesn’t matter how the NWA film portrays him, because it’s all true. If he didn’t like it then maybe he should have NOT been such a menace to society all those years (allegedly).

Clearly, both sides can’t be right.

We’ll see what a jury thinks…until then…