Common Confirms Tiffany Haddish Relationship Is ‘Doing Wonderful’

Common Confirms Tiffany Haddish Relationship Is ‘Doing Wonderful’

Common Confirms Tiffany Haddish Relationship Is ‘Doing Wonderful’!

Trouble in paradise? Not Even Close! Think again, haters!

Despite all the rumors and tabloids trying to claim that Tiffany Harddish and Common split, the Chicago born rapper decided to lay all the rumors to rest by confirming they’re ‘doing wonderful.’ Read on as Common Confirms Tiffany Haddish Relationship… reports Common and Tiffany Haddish are shutting down breakup rumors left and right.

Speculation swirled that the two were no longer together after fans noticed Common wasn’t following Tiffany Haddish on Instagram, but she was still following him.

Over the weekend, the celebrity couple hopped on Instagram live together, making it clear that they are still an item.

Now, Common is taking things a step further as he swoons over Tiffany Haddish in an interview Monday (Nov. 2nd).

Common said on “The Karen Hunter Show” on SiriusXM:

We’re doing wonderful. She’s a really incredible human being, and the more I get to know her, I just see how dynamic she is as a person. How intelligent, how selfless she is, how she stands up in Hollywood for black women. I’m learning. You know what I mean?

He continued and said she often pushes for black people to be involved in the projects she does.

She takes it like the law. It’s not on back – she’ll be like, ‘If there ain’t no black people on the set, or no black people working on this, then I’m not going to do it. Or, why can’t we go to these black makeup women?’ And I think it takes that type of courage and mouthpiece and rawness to get the equanimity that we’ve been looking for – the equality that we talk about. Especially within – any area of life – but then the Hollywood structure, sometimes you have to shake them up and say, ‘Hey, y’all, this is what it has to be.’

He said that ultimately, Tiffany Haddish is a good person.

He concludes:

She’s also fun. She’s fun. And ultimately…the one thing that I’ll say about anyone I’ve dated that you named, I like good-hearted people, and Tiffany has a good heart at the end of the day.

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