Clooney’s The Monuments Men Is Hollywood Gold


(CelebNMusic247-News) Clooney’s The Monuments Men Is Hollywood Gold

MOVIE REVIEWThe Monuments Men is great film making like that of yester-year and the golden era of Hollywood thanks to George Clooney‘s ju de vivre when it comes to film making.

George Clooney The Monuments Men movie is great story telling at its best. The Monuments Men, a film that George Clooney co-wrote, directed and stars in, continues his long-standing efforts to preserve American filmmaking in all its glory.

Clooney has a certain ju de vivre when it comes to film making – he is able to tap into the old-fashioned kind of film that, we’re so often depressingly reminded, Hollywood doesn’t make anymore.

The Monuments Men is not only a true story it tells a part of WWII that most people may not be aware of and definitely not taught in our schools. This films is a MUST see for any art student who is studying the fine arts, because you have to know your art history to move forward in life. With that said Clooney does an exemplary job at telling this part of world history when Hitler decided to steal all of the art around the world and hide it all in salt and cooper mines in Germany. It is interesting to see how one of history’s worst enemies thought he had the right to steal Rembrandt’s, Da Vinci , Monet’s, Chagall’s, Rémi Ors, sculptures (The Mona Lisa and child), Trollies, Picasso (which he burned) and more. During World War II Hitler and his men stole over 7 million works of art and over 3 million was recovered. The rest was wither burned or destroyed as he deemed unworthy art.

There have been books written over the years about the men who saved our world culture and history in art like Recuing Da Vinci, Saving Italy, and The Monuments Men. The film is about the real Monuments Men who was a group of men and women from thirteen nations, most of whom volunteered for service in the newly created Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section, or MFAA. Most had expertise as museum directors, curators, art scholars and educators, artists, architects, and archivists. Their job description was simple: to save as much of the culture of Europe as they could during combat.

These men not only had the vision to understand the grave threat to the greatest cultural and artistic achievements of civilization, but then joined the front lines to do something about it.

We would rather not tell you too much about the film except that the performance are superb, the story is wonderful, and the pace is perfect. George Clooney shines in this film, his charismatic way is captured and is equivalent to the golden era’s Cary Grant or Clark Gable. Clooney has a natural style all his own and with his extraordinary cast that includes: John Goodman, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville and “The Artist’s” Jean Dujardin play the team members, with an assist from Cate Blanchett as a woman working in Paris’s Jeu De Paume museum.

 Mr. Clooney plays Frank Stokes, an art historian and the story’s hub, to lead a charmingly quirky crew in a World War II operation to rescue Europe’s artistic treasures from the Nazis. Stokes is the man for the job: He enters wrapped in a professorial air, wearing spectacles and a salt-and-pepper beard while lecturing President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the dangers posed to “the greatest historical achievements known to man.” These would be the artworks that the Nazis began systematically stealing, by emptying museums and confiscating work owned by Jewish collectors soon after Hitler, famously failed as a painter and lover of kitsch, took power.

When you compare The Monuments Men to other Clooney-esque films you could line this film side by side with The Guns of Navarone, The Dirty Dozen, and/or his Ocean Eleven and Twelve films. Overall The Monuments Men is a great film and is a must see this weekend.

Written by OBDaKid

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