Ciara Had Future Sign a ‘Baby Claus’


(CelebNMusic247-NewsCiara Had Future Sign a ‘Baby Claus

Ciara just officially announced that she is pregnant with her fiance and rapper Future’s baby, but she wants to make sure he’s an on duty daddy so she got in writing.

We are not sure if this is true or not, but we understand where Ciara is coming from when it comes to having her man being an active daddy.

Here’s the drop:

The soon-to-be momma’s soon-to-be hubby Future was recently on a pretty big tour during her pregnancy, and she wanted to do everything in her power to make sure he was on her best behavior while on the road!

But hearing him say it out loud just wasn’t enough. So she took an extra step and actually had a “baby clause” put into his tour contract saying he would keep everything “clean” backstage, which means no smoking and only healthy food was on the menu!

According to sources, the deal was actually meant to make sure everything was kosher when Ciara was traveling with Future, but apparently she only made it out to two shows due to morning sickness!