Cardi B Granted Court Order Injunction Against Tasha K

Cardi B Granted Court Order Injunction Against Tasha K

Cardi B Granted Court Order Injunction Against Tasha K!

When you are a blogger and you think you are untouchable, think again, because Cardi B is literally coming for Tasha K. Things are not looking good for Tasha K… reports that Cardi B was recently granted a court order injunction against Youtuber Tasha K. Which will legally force the internet host to remove defamatory videos about Cardi B, and ban her from reposting them.

Cardi is making sure that Tasha K’s life will be a living hell! She is also making sure that her blog closes down

If you recall, the New York rapper Cardi B has been stacking wins in recent legal battles. The 29-year-old recently won a lawsuit against a group of MAGA supporters who sued the rapper and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, for defamation after she called them racist.

Now, Cardi has secured yet another legal win in her own defamation lawsuit against Youtuber Tasha K.  The YouTubers attack caused The “Up” rapper to be suicidal over the lies she told on her channel.

In a series of court sessions starting back in 2019, Cardi has collected win after win while battling Taska K, born Latasha Kebe in court. The “WAP” artist, born Belcalis Almánzar, sued the Youtube star for defamation and was awarded a total of $4million in damages. Subsequently, Cardi filed a motion asking a judge to mandate that Tasha remove the old videos and ban her from reposting them. During trial, Tasha stated she would not do so unless ordered by the court.

Tasha K has 5 Days to remove 21 Defamation videos

According to reports, the judge agreed with Cardi that Tasha posed a “constant ongoing threat” to repost her “disgusting lies.” On her popular Youtube page, Tasha alleged that Cardi had multiple STD’s, cheated on her husband, and used cocaine among other things. Requirements of the injunction will force Tasha to remove 21 videos in the next five days and to forever avoid certain statements or face legal consequences.

Cardi won the battle in court and the court grants her $4million.

The injunction was reportedly agreed upon by both parties, although Tasha and her legal team initially opposed the injunction. The 38-year-old internet host has since appealed her $4million defeat.

Should a judge overturn the verdict, the injunction will cease to exist as well.