Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman


Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman!?!

You all just thought famed athlete Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman was a RUMOR, but we told you over a year ago that he WANTED to become a lady. reported on the legendary athlete who made his personal decision over a year ago to get really in touch with his female side, litterally!

In the beginning you may have noticed that Bruce was slowly showing everyone the change up, painting his nails, while Kris Jenner claimed that she was outraged over InTouch Weekly’s article that her man was becoming a woman. We first told you that Bruce Jenner is becoming REAL lady like back in February 2014 and now the truth has been unfolding over the past year, especially when it was revealed that he taking estrogen.

According to sources, Bruce Jenner wanted the process of transitioning into a woman to come along slowly which is why Bruce has gradually changed his appearance so that the eventuality would become obvious to everyone.


And now it’s CLEAR that Bruce made the decision to live his life as a woman many months ago! Here’s the tea on the Jenner/Kardashian Dad who’s had enough time on the planet as a man.

Bruce has attended frequent psychological counseling sessions and has also had various small procedures done along the way. In fact, Bruce Jenner is so far along with his wishes that the documentary series about his transition into a woman should be ready to go this May

And while most of Bruce Jenner’s family has been supportive of his personal journey – one source claims his ex-wife Kris Jenner did sort of freak out when Bruce made the formal announcement to his family over a month ago.

However the older children in the family have been VERY supportive of Bruce Jenner, and everyone seems to be pretty much on board with Bruce’s decision at this point and may be speaking about in the media in the coming months.

And while one leader in the transgender community, who says they’ve known about Bruce’s decision for “way more than a year,” claims that many thought the Olympian could’ve or should’ve announced his intentions when he underwent the operation known as a laryngal shave which smooths out one’s Adam’s apple.

However Bruce Jenner, at the time, claimed that operation was because he hated how his Adam’s apple looked and that was really the only reason.

As for the upcoming documentary about all this, Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans will learn the truth that it was Bruce Jenner’s decision all along. And Most important is that it is from his mouth, his opinion and ALL his choice.

Sorry Kris, you may have drove this man to become a woman, but the choice was apparently ALL his. No credit for you!

This takes a lot of courage, but we support Bruce Jenner and his decision to become a woman.

Photo: Pacific Coast News