Britney Spears Loses; Dad Remains Her Conservator

Britney Spears Loses; Dad Remains Her Conservator

Britney Spears Loses; Dad Remains Her Conservator!

Spears’ ongoing legal battle with her father just took another disappointing turn. He fans are distraught at the news that a judge ruled that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, will remain her custodian, despite her request to remove him.

The Pop Princess made accusations earlier this week that her dad was spending stacks of her money without concern. What Britney doesn’t acknowledge is that her father has gotten her out of debt over his decade of caring for his daughter. Read on… reports is that the request made by the singer to finally be free of her father after 12 years of conservatorship, and regain control of her life, her career, and her $60 million fortune was declined by Judge Brenda Penny.

USA Today reports that the news was hurtful for millions of fans all over the world, as the singer is set to remain confined to her father’s guidance.

According to Britney’s lawyer Samuel Ingham, the news is her worst nightmare as she has a very explosive relationship with her father, Jamie.

Arguing on behalf of his client, Ingham informed the judge that Britney was afraid of her father and would not perform again if her desire for freedom is not granted.

A counter-argument against the pop star by her father claimed that he believes she is still not ready to manage her own life and career and that her current net worth is a testimony to how successful his management of her assets and wealth has been.

Ingham also argued that the 38-year-old pop star feared that her father would attempt to regain full control of her assets and records in the face of her protest.

She also made a strong objection against Jamie’s latest accounting reports to be submitted regularly to the court. The case has been adjourned by Judge Penny to December 16 for a lack of substantial documentation to rule on Jamie’s additional request.

After her divorce from Kevin Federline, Britney suffered a very public meltdown in 2007, where she shaved off all her hair, hit a paparazzo with an umbrella, and had a stand-off with the police when asked to release custody of her sons.

These events led her to be placed in psychiatric care, then ultimately placed under a conservatorship in early 2008 with her father Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet as overseers, who resigned last year.

Meanwhile, Lynne Spears, Jamie’s ex-wife, and Britney’s mother released a statement through her lawyer, saying the father-daughter relationship has become toxic. She urged Jamie to step down from his conservatorship duties, as the family feud is leaving her heartbroken.

Fans for the #FreeBritney movement are convinced that the pop star is being held against her will and has called for her release.

The hate for her father Jamie has resulted in death threats and him having to always be looking over his shoulder. What fans need to understand is Britney needs to stay on her meds and if she is not taking them she makes statements about her father that may not be true.

Now matter how this plays out, we wish Britney the best.