Bobby Ciasulli Calls Jim Marchese A Liar


Bobby Ciasulli Calls Jim Marchese A Liar

On Friday, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jim revealed via twitter that he would not attend the RHONJ reunion, but Bobby Ciasulli Calls Jim Marchese A Liar. has the tea on Jim Marchese via AllAbouttrh who explains it was because Bobby and Rino refused to film with him any longer.

That would be great if Jim’s announcement was true, because Bobby is now responding to Jim’s accusation calling him a liar.  Jim continued to spill fake stories claiming that he was not invited to film the finale and won’t go to the reunion as a result of this.

So Nicole’s man Bobby weighed in on social media to let him have it:



What do you think of Jim Marchese, we for one are NOT impressed with any of his antics this season. He seems to be a turncoat.

What are your thoughts of Jim vs. Bobby?