Bobby Brown REMOVED From Flight

Bobby Brown REMOVED From Flight

Bobby Brown was removed from a JetBlue flight and the incident escalated where everyone had to deboard the flight while cops sorted out the mess.

Brown ended up missing his plane which was scheduled to leave LAX for Boston Monday morning. Read on to see why Bobby Brown REMOVED from a plane …

Bobby Brown REMOVED From Flight

Photo:Backgrid has the latest on Bobby Brown bein removed from a flight after he was involved in some sort of altercation before the plane took off.

The incident took place in first class on a flight that was set to depart from LAX to Boston Monday morning, but it didn’t happen that way.

Instead, the incident led to the airline ordering everyone off the plane and Bobby was held at the entrance door while everyone else got off. Cops were called to the gate to speak with him.

TMZ reports:

Once Bobby was off the plane The former New Edition signer could be heard yelling at the officers that he had to get to his brother’s funeral. At one point, there were allegedly 4 cops around him … but they were able to calm him down.

For the record, Bobby’s brother, Tommy, passed away in 2016. A Brown family source tells us it was actually one of Bobby’s cousins who passed.

After the drama passed everyone was allowed back on the plane, except for Bobby Brown.

Sources confirmed he did not get back on the plane, and that it was unclear if he was arrested.

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