Bobbi Kristina Facial Injuries Trigger Investigation


Bobbi Kristina Facial Injuries Trigger Investigation!?!

It seems that the evidence is pilling up against Nick Gordon since Bobbi Kristina Facial Injuries Trigger Investigation. has learned that there is a new investigation focusing on her boyfriend Nick Gordon and his relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown.

According to multiple sources, Nick was not jealous of other men, he was angry that she was getting all the attention as Whitney Houston’s daughter, But she should, she is the biological daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Nick Gordon was adopted, so why would he think he deserves fame and recognition?

Here is what’s being reported:

Bobbi Kristina suffered injuries to her face before she was found submerged in a bathtub — according to a reports.

As TMZ first reported … Roswell PD started taking a closer look at Nick and Bobbi Kristina’s relationship after certain injuries raised their concerns.

WSB-TV in Atlanta says sources close to the investigation tell them the marks were on her face … and more specifically, her mouth.

As we’ve told you … multiple sources say there is a history of violence in their relationship — and their friend Max Lomas told police Nick was acting strangely before they found Bobbi Kristina.

Is this the eyes of a killer?

Take a close look at Nick Gordon in these photos – do you think he had something to do with Krissi’s drowning? Especial since Max Lomas told police Nick was acting strangely before they found Bobbi Kristina?

Look at the pics:



Here is something dubious about Nick’s eyes – He seems rather scary if you reall take you time and look at him? Did they have a fight? Did he do something to Bobbi Kristina?

In additional news, Whitney Houston’s troubled daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown had a best friend no parent would approve of.

Here is what the NYDailyNews reports:

Photos from the bizarre Twitter account of a man who says he’s a “best friend” of Brown show the two of them posing with a hunting knife, and other pics from the page show he’s a serious gun nut.

Mason Whitaker, a 23-year-old living in Atlanta, posted several strange shots last year of him and Brown, who has been in a medically induced coma for more than a week after being found facedown in a bathtub.

Take a look at the pics: