Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Arrested


Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Arrested!!!

According to reports Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Arrested shortly after the season wrapped on Vh1, and it’s still unclear on where Ceaser and Dutchess stand as far as their pursuit of marriage. has just heard the news that Ceaser Emanuel, the head honcho of Black Ink in Harlem NY is facing jail time for unpaid child support.

Now we don’t know how true any of this is, since it’s coming from TMZ who sometimes leaks stories to create headlines and keep reality TV and celebrities in the news. Remember bad press is good press.


Here is what is hearing via TMZ:

TMZ has learned Ceaser Emanuel was arrested Monday evening on a warrant for failure to pay child support. Witnesses in the Black Ink Tattoo Studio tell us Ceaser was putting a fresh piece on a female client’s butt when the cops showed up.

We’re told Ceaser’s co-star Dutchess followed him down to the police station … with the show’s cams rolling. It’s unclear if Ceaser — who’s got a rep for being an a**hole (it’s even tatted on him) — posted bail.

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