Bill Cosby Sentencing Tuesday; Possibly Three Years Behind Bars

Bill Cosby Sentencing Tuesday; Possibly Three Years Behind Bars

Today was the big day for the once famed TV Dad Bill Cosby now a possibly deemed a “violent sexual predator.”

Read on to get the latest details in regards to Bill Cosby Sentencing… reports that we’ve learned that a defense witness is expected to testify on Tuesday ahead of the judge’s decision on his sentencing.

Not only that, but the big debate in court over Bill Cosby being deemed a “violent sexual predator.”

The once beloved TV Dad Bill Cosby name is mud in the eyes of all who once used to adore him. Now, he will see the inside of a prison cell for only 3 years or less.

A confident Constand said Monday in a short stint on the stand, looking directly at Judge Steven O’Neill.

All I am asking for is justice as the court sees it.

Constand was referring to Cosby and her detailed testimony in both the original 2017 mistrial and the retrial this spring.

The former Temple University employee was followed on the stand by her mother, also a witness in the two trials.

If you recall, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. With each count carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years, the 81-year-old actor could have been hit with a three-decade sentence behind bars. He is currently under house arrest and out on $1 million bail, according to Deadline.

Judge Steven O’Neill says that once A-lister Cosby was looking at a total jail time of 22 to 34 months in final sentencing. That was then, this is now, Bill Cosby is only looking at less than three years in prison.

Did you know when you have less than three years sentencing in prison, the convicted is able to get house arrest instead?

This is something the prosecution is completely against. In fact, they are gunning for 5 to 10 years so house arrest is not an option.

Everyone will have to wait until Tuesday since the judge has officially pushed back the sentencing.

Final sentencing for Bill Cosby, Constand, the lawyers and O’Neill are expected back in court at 9 AM ET

Until then…

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