Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results

Big Brother 15 Eviction Results-808-1

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On tonight’s Big Brother double eviction episode two cast members got the boot, but before the eviction Candice,Spencer,and Amanda gave their speeches!

On tonight’s Big Brother 15 live double eviction show, started off with footage from this week. Amanda tried to play nice with Jessie, but to no avail as Jessie didn’t buy her BS. Jessie told the Diary Room cams, she wanted to get Amanda evicted.

In the meantime, Amanda revealed that she didn’t really trust Judd because she thinks he’s possibly the MVP vote that put her up for eviction.

Next, the nominated houseguests: Candice,Spencer,and Amanda gave their speeches. Candice, of course, got crazy with her speech, which started a huge verbal argument with GinaMarie, causing things to get out of hand. Julie had to shout at them to calm down as the show had time restraints and they were holding things up. After all that madness, the other houseguests, finally casts their votes to evict.

McCrae,Aaryn,Helen, Jessie,Elissa, Andy, and Judd all voted to evict Candice. No one voted to evict Spencer, and no one voted to evict Amanda. So with a vote of 7-0-0, Candice finally got the royal shaft, and was sent packing,but not before having a few more words with GinaMarie and GinaMarie basically cussed her out the freaking door,lol!!!

In the end, Big Brother 15 eliminated Candice Stewart and Judd Daugherty for week 6 tonight!

From there, Candice gave her exit interview to Julie.

Gina posted this Tweet on her Twitter:

RT @spicypants: GinaMaries low blow #bb15” VILE human being.

— BBUSA (@BigBroAddict15) August 9, 2013

This season is a hot mess and such a poor depiction of society and the people in the world…What has America become, since they’ve evicted both African American cast members.