Benzino Weighs In On Stevie J Motives


Benzino Weighs In On Stevie J Motives

Benzino discusses his relationship with Althea in this exclusive backstage interview how her previous fling with Stevie J affects him.

Benzino calls Stevie J a User!

Benzino makes it clear that Althea Kept it 100 from the jump and her moment with Nikko was over 16 years ago when they were in school together. As for Stevie J, he says that his wife Althea kept it real, but Stevie didn’t. The whole incident was a mistake between them and the one night stand is in the past.

He goes on to say that Stevie not only tried to use Althea he is also using Joseline to regain his claim to fame. Zino adds that Althea is one of the realest people he knows and that is why he feel in love with her. Did he watch the episode when she convinced him not to have a prenup and that she wanted half of Hip Hop Weekly? Rememer Benzino wanted a prenup?


Is the bromance between benzino and Stevie J officially over this time? Kirk and Rasheeda Frost weighed in saying this season he’s a whole be Zino and seeing these two make up will probably NEVER happen.