Benzino Arrested at Atlanta International Airport

Benzino Arrested at Atlanta International Airport!!!

While life on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is over for Benzino’s drama is NOT since the HipHopWeekly CEO had a wrench thrown in his travel plans.

How many times does it take people in the music industry to understands that you can’t fly with a gun since
at Atlanta International Airport.

Apparently Benzino is not a man who travels light!

He’s loaded, and now we ain’t talking drunk, he’s loaded with a gun! Here’s the tea we just got in on the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was arrested last night for trying to sneak a loaded gun through airport security.


According to law enforcement Benzino, aka Raymond Scott, was planning to board a flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport but when he dropped his carry-on bag on the security checkpoint conveyor belt, TSA immediately noticed a suspiciously-shaped item. Suspiciously-shaped as in it looked like a gun. A .9mm to be exact. A loaded .9 millimeter to be exactly exact.

When TSA probed further they discovered Benzino’s gun had 7 rounds in the magazine! Of course you can travel with guns if they are declared and properly secured, but they cannot be loaded.

Benzino, who was headed to Iran to defend against terrorists – NOT to LA for a new television project, was instead hauled into security where he was then arrested says TMZ. He never made it on his flight, unfortunately. Instead he got a private flight to the local jail and was released on $3,000 bail.

Benzino will be charged with a misdemeanor and must appear before a judge. “It was an honest mistake,” the former reality star insisted. “The gun is registered in my name, it’s a misdemeanor charge and will be dismissed.”

Benzino’s explanation continued:

“I should have checked my bag first but I forgot, not that serious,”

“I DO NOT HAVE FELONY RECORD, that’s why I am able to purchase firearms and will continue to be able to do so.”


If you recall, Benzino was fired from L&HHATL for allegedly making death threats against another Stevie J and Joseline, who definitely not at all, would never retaliate or instigate! He is also dealing a $5 million-dollar tax debt to the IRS.

Benzino defended himself on Instagram this morning by dismissing the incident as a “mistake.”


Benzino seethed, sharing the above photo:

“Wow in the NY daily news today…. People make mistakes, that’s why they had to change the law to make it more lenient for people because it happens so much, so don’t be fooled by the hype of the blogs.”

“It happened to the vice pres of IBM but you never heard of that lmao!! I can’t be DEMONIZED cause I walk with GOD.”

Come on Zino what’s up bro???