Benny The Butcher: Artists Using Breonna Taylor’s Name For Clout

Benny The Butcher: Artists Using Breonna Taylor’s Name For Clout!

Don’t expect any Black Lives Matter songs from Benny The Butcher because that is NOT going to happen. He’s NOT a CLOUT Chaser. Read on… reports that Benny The Butcher Burden of Proof has been streaming non-stop since his Hit-Boy-produced project released on Friday.

The Griselda rapper delivered his first solo project since Summer 2019, and it’s a labor of love that got Benny back into street-beast mode.

Benny The Butcher’s new album is perfection when it comes to hip hop with meat on the bone. It’s everything that has been missing from hip hop these days. Burden of Proof is one of the best albums of 2020.

The Butcher mentioned that he’s an authentic artist who doesn’t need gimmicks to impact the culture. During the L.A. Leakers show on Los Angeles’s Power 106 radio station, Benny had this to say artists are only using Breonna Taylor’s name for Clout.

Benny The Butcher said:

You’re never gonna hear Benny on no record speaking…just trying to clout chase just because of the Black Lives Matter movement going on. I’m not never gon’ make a Black Lives Matter song. Not saying that other rappers shouldn’t. That’s just not how I speak to my people. I speak to my people in a different way.

The hosts noted that Benny, himself, is a “representation of Black Lives Matter” so he doesn’t need to express that.

Benny added:

A lot of times with all of this going on with social media, everything is so visual. Fans want people to speak on certain things just because. But me, I’m a doer, so I don’t feel comfortable, or I don’t even like how a lot of these guys, they say Breonna Taylor name but they’re not directly involved.

Benny went on to say—using the Breonna Taylor case as an example—that the shooting “is a real situation,” so it’s unknown how Taylor’s family feels about seeing her face plastered everywhere.

He says:

I don’t want to disrespect the family.

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