August Alsina USED Jada Pinkett Smith To Promote “Entanglements”

August Alsina USED Jada Pinkett Smith To Promote "Entanglements"

August Alsina USED Jada Pinkett Smith To Promote “Entanglements”!

Insiders have been talking about why did August Alsina bring up his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith years later. It seemed strange but now we’ve figured he used the story to boost his relevancy to get back on the charts. Read on for the tea spill on August Alsina new song “Entanglements” all about smashing Jada Pinkett Smith previously reported that Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith had a one on one Red Table Talk recently to discuss her relationship with August Alsina.

Will Smith and Jada felt that it was needed to have their perspective on the relationship in the media. They wanted to speak on the matter because they also questioned why would August Alsina bring up their private relationship that occurred while she and Will had separated.

It appears that August Alsina USED his relationship tea spill with Jada Pinkett Smith to boost his faded music career.

It’s been a minute since anyone had heard music from August Alsina until now.

Alsina flipped the newly coined term for a complicated relationship into a song. “Entanglements” with Rick Ross arrived on July 18th.

The track debuted at #7 on Billboard’s most recent Hot R&B Songs chart. According to Chart Data, “Entanglements” gave Alsina his highest-debuting record on the Hot R&B tally.

The bottom line is August Alsina can not be trusted since he will use people to succeed in his career.

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