Aubrey O’Day CALLS OUT Diddy: Trump + Diddy Are Friends

Aubrey O'Day CALLS OUT Diddy: Trump + Diddy Are Friends

Aubrey O’Day CALLS OUT Diddy: Trump + Diddy Are Friends!

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day is once again telling it like it is.

Earlier today, Diddy announced that he was launching a new political party, stating that “The NUMBER ONE priority is to get Trump out of office.” Read on because Aubrey O’Day isn’t buying any of it…

Aubrey O'Day CALLS OUT Diddy: Trump + Diddy Are Friends reports that Aubrey O’Day has joined the masses criticizing rappers taking stances in the political arena like Kanye West is running for President.

And most recently Ice Cube and his partnership with the Trump administration for his “Contract With Black America” agenda, though Cube says that he is open to working with who is ever in a power position.

Now, Diddy has his own political party called Our Black Party endorsing Trump.

The only thing is that former Danity Kane protegé Aubrey O’Day is putting her foot down hard on Sean Comb’s neck once again.

Aubrey has this to say about the Bad Boy founder’s political aspirations.

O’Day tweeted:

Diddy has mismanaged artists & stolen their money his whole career (including Danity Kane), and now he is showing up with 18 days left before the election to get Trump out of office. When I was on Apprentice, Trump used to tell me DAILY how him and puff are good friends!” It’s clear that she won’t be supporting Diddy anytime soon. Do you think Diddy’s political party will be beneficial?


Aubrey is pointing out the #FACTS on Diddy and Trump

Here are some photos to prove they’ve been friends for over a decade and now he’s voting for Biden.

Did Diddy just realize Trump was full of it and he’s NOT a good look to associate with? You know that is how Hollywood goes. Its an extension of high school politics when you’re in it.

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