Atlanta Pastor SLAMS Kanye West Views on Slavery

Atlanta Pastor SLAMS Kanye West Views on Slavery

Atlanta Pastor SLAMS Kanye West Views on Slavery!

Atlanta Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, who held Kanye West‘s Sunday Service in his church, is slamming the rapper for his views on slavery.

Continue on to get more details about Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, the senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia and his issues with Kanye West. Read on to see why an Atlanta Pastor SLAMS Kanye West…

Atlanta Pastor SLAMS Kanye West Views on Slavery has learned that Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant has some words for rapper Kanye West and his controversial views.

Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant reportedly began his sermon by praising Kanye West’s gospel album Jesus Is King, but criticized the rapper for his behavior outside of the music.

Here is what we’ve learned via Bryant who feels that Kanye is detrimental to society:

Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant reminded his members that it’s what the artist does “in between the songs” that is problematic.

Bryant revealed that West tries to insert Subliminals between his gospel songs stating “slavery was an option.”

The Pastor said:

Kanye West is a gifted lyricist. My problem is in between the songs. It ain’t on the album. The album is hot, it’s good. It’s in between the songs. I can’t rest with Kanye saying that slavery was an option.

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor blamed the 42-year-old rappers’ support of Donald Trump for making the President feel comfortable enough to visit the city.

He goes on to say:

It’s in between the songs that he says black people should vote Republican because that’s the group that kept us free. I can’t rest in between the songs when Kanye would endorse Donald Trump who has never done a thing for black people but say this is the way that is going to give us resources. It’s in between the songs that he endorsed him, and because he endorsed him, Donald Trump thought that he was going to come into Atlanta, Georgia and nobody was going to check him.

Ye told TMZ back in May of 2018:

They could have stopped it. They could have said ‘Yo this is going too far,’ of slavery. You hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.

He said this while expressing his love for Trump, 73.


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