Armie Hammer Mother Told His Ex Paige Lorenz He ‘Has Demonic Behaviors

Armie Hammer's Mother Told His Ex Paige Lorenz He 'Has Demonic Behaviors

Armie Hammer Mother Told His Ex He ‘Has Demonic Behaviors’!

The stories of Armie Hammer continue to shock us all. Just wait until you hear the latest about Armie Hammer Demonic Behaviors… reports that on February 20, Dr. Oz shared an interview he conducted for his talk show with The Lone Ranger‘s ex, Paige Lorenz.

Paige Lorenz, who dated Armie Hammer, admitted during her conversation with Oz that he started off as the charming individual we all see in the movies and during interviews.

The 22-year-old said that it wasn’t until later, she alleged, that she discovered his darker nature. The model alleges that Armie consistently made remarks about eating one of her ribs. And then he took it to the next level that is even more disturbingly, on how he wanted to carve an ‘A’ into her skin.


Then, there is this, during a dinner with Armie’s family, his religious mother sat her down multiple times and voiced concerns about her son’s supposed demonic behavior.

Paige admitted:

So, her voice and concern for him made me feel like she kind of knew what was going on a little bit.

Lorenz answered with:

She never specifically said anything to me, because I don’t think she wanted to assume. But, you know, she literally just said things like he has demonic behaviors, the devil was kind of trying to take him, umm, things like that, and I didn’t grow up extremely religious so that was a little out of touch for me. But I did kind of get a feeling from her like she knew that he had a very, very, very dark side.

Dr. Oz continued the conversation with Paige by bringing up Armie’s BDSM kit that he carried with him. When Oz asked about this kit.

Lorenz explained that he carried items such as bobby pins, Shibari (for rope bondage), knives (!!!), and paddles. She revealed that the Call Me By Your Name star would use the kit for what he named High Protocol nights.

It was during one of these High Protocol sessions that he marked her with the ‘A.’

She said:

I was tied up and he basically looked over my body and said to me, ‘Where should I put my initials on you?’ I didn’t really say anything. Then he just started to carve his initial into me. And I just didn’t say anything. Which is a complicated part of this, you know. I was just always wanting to please him, and I never wanted to say no. I was in a weak position. He was in a position of power. He knew how uncomfortable it made me, but I just never said no. And I think that kind of being coerced into things, and we don’t want to say no and we don’t want to be undesirable. Consent is much more complicated than we think.

Wow, this is crazy.

When it comes to the bedroom Paige then told Oz that she considered herself to be a “vanilla” person. She honestly had no idea what constituted as BDSM versus what Armie simply wanted her to do. Watch the interview here…