Are Drake & Kim Kardashian Are Hooking Up

Are Drake & Kim Kardashian Are Hooking Up

Are Drake & Kim Kardashian Are Hooking Up?

According to hot topics queen Wendy Williams, she is hinting that Drake is smashing Kim Kardashian these days. reports Wendy Williams is stirring the pot once again but this time she’s making Drake and Kim Kardashian a hot topic.

Could this be true about Drake and Kimmy K?

Well according to Wendy during her “Hot Topics” segment, both celebrities attended Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner’s launch party for the model’s new liquor brand, 818 Tequila.

Wendy said while sharing video footage:

The rumors have been for years that they have been dating or hooking up or whatever. Well, they arrived separately to Kendall’s tequila party. Kendall has tequila and she just launched it. Kim arrived separately in a Yellow Cab? While Drake arrived separately, as well.

Wendy continued:

The rumor was they were all over each other inside the party. Do I believe this? For a moment. Do I believe that Drake and Kim are on the same plane? No. I don’t mean to take away from him or even add to her. I’m just saying, they’ve got their two greatnesses but he’s got a lot of growing up to do to catch up with a woman, you know, divorces under her belt and a bunch of children and a full career and she’s older than him…no.

Willaims added:

You know what I think this was? A slide by. Several times over. I think they could have fun, they can watch TV and so on and so forth. I don’t believe this is a real relationship. You believe what you want.

Wendy then posed a question. “Is it okay to date your ex’s enemy?” she said, referring to Drake and Kanye West’s feud, to which several people in the studio audience quickly yelled “yes.”