Apollo Nida SLAPPED with Lawsuit Over Fight


Apollo Nida SLAPPED with Lawsuit Over Fight!!!

On Friday, Brandon DeShazer, Kenya Moore assistant and co-star on Real Housewives of Atlanta got into a fight with Phaedra Park’s hubby Apollo Nida and now he’s suing!

As new details surface from Friday night’s brawl between Apollo Nida is now getting SLAPPED with a lawsuit from Brandon DeShazer.

So why the feud between Apollo Nida and Brandon?

For some reason Apollo Nida and Brandon were in a heated discussion about Phaedra and Kenya Moore’s workout videos. Go Figure?

Here’s the deets:

Phaedra’s husband Apollo hasn’t been overly involved in Phaedra and Kenya’s “booty” beef until now. As we recently reported, Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon DeShazer were said to have gotten into a physical altercation during the taping of the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The brawl was supposedly a result of an argument Brandon and Apollo were having over the fitness DVD drama between Phaedra and Kenya.

According to reports, Apollo was the one who attacked Brandon and had to be restrained by several crew members. Apollo says he was attempting to break up a fight Brandon was involved in with another person and once he got hit, he had no choice but to defend himself. While Phaedra has remained mum on the incident, Kenya’s assistant Brandon DeShazer is now speaking out and tellsTMZ he plans to sue Apollo over the fight. Brandon tells the website that Apollo beat him severely and he is preparing to get with his lawyer to file a huge lawsuit against Apollo.

Checkout more of Apollo Nida below and see why Phaedra Parks is hook on him: