Andy Cohen Remembers Joan Rivers


Andy Cohen Remembers Joan Rivers

Just five weeks ago Joan Rivers was on Watch What Happens live with Andy Cohen who tributes his friend.

In a memorable collage of best moments, Andy Cohen looks back on the time he spent with the Queen of the red carpet and the legendary Joan Rivers in the Bravo Clubhouse. Take a look at the woman Andy Cohen calls “Electrifying.”

Get your tissues out, because it is so sad to see Joan looking so vibrant and alive.


In related news Kathy Griffin Remembers “Trailblazer” Joan Rivers

There are so many words to describe Joan Rivers.

“Trailblazer” is what came to mind when close friend Kathy Griffin opted to write a piece for the Los Angeles Times about her fallen friend.”She was a trailblazer in another way too. As her stardom grew, and her brand of no-holds-barred humor set her apart, it was not unheard of for celebrities—the more level-headed ones, at least—to consider it something of a badge of honor to get razzed by Joan,” she wrote.

Earlier in the day, Griffin stopped by Today to talk about Rivers’ relationship with the royals. “A little-known fact about our friend Joan is she (was) actually very, very close with the royals,” Griffin said. “She actually took me, four years ago, to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. We had these two amazing nights with Charles and Camilla—her buds.”