‘American Idol’ Officially Announces Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban As Judges

(CelebNMusic247) ‘American Idol‘ Officially Announces Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban As Judges:

On Sunday, The Fox network officially announced that Nicki and Keith would be the new judges for AI. Fox confirmed the rumors that had been surrounding them both seats up until the final hours, just before the first round of auditions for next season was due to begin in New York.

Randy is still the last man standing or shall we say dawg sitting on the judging panel. American Idol judges are Mariah, Nicki, Keith and Randy for the new season of the popular talent competition.

Keith Urban plans to be “authentic” but not cruel.

Urban recalled:

“I did similar shows when I was very young in Australia…and I was sort of crucified by one judge. So I don’t know that I’ll ever be THAT guy.”

While Minaj said she’ll be looking for “a superstar,” which is “something that can’t be defined in words.”

Jackson called this pair of hires a “fresh, fresh, fresh ‘Idol’ one-two!”

Randy added:

Minaj “brings a whole other cool vibe we’ve never had on the show, and Keith Urban? My God, he’s unbelievably talented!”

Carey revealed:

“Am I the mean one? Am I the nice one? … It’s not about me, me, me, it’s about them (the contestants) and what I can bring to them to help guide them in the right direction.” 

Ryan Seacrest will remain as host when the show returns for its 12th season in January.

Hopefully American Idol can find another super star this time around, since there has only been 2 real superstars [Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson] to come out of the 11 year stint of the show.

Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry doesn’t count because they didn’t win the show, but they did prove themselves superstars with out the AI winning label on their forehead.

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