Amanda Doesn’t Want To Be With Fizz


Amanda Doesn’t Want To Be With Fizz!

When it comes to being honest Amanda is NOT that girl, she got caught cheating on Lil Fizz and now it’s been revealed that Amanda Doesn’t Want To Be With Fizz!

What you didn’t see on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Amanda has a sit down with her mom. She reveals that she feels like she is being pushed into something she’s NOT ready for. Amanda tells her mom that she has NOT told Fizz that she is NOT ready for motherhood or being a wife.

Her mother breaks it down saying that she is wasting Drew’s time.

Amanda tells her mom that she wants to finish school, get her own place and start her clothing line and Lil Fizz is NOT in the picture!


In the almighty words of Chris Brown, “These Girls Ain’t Loyal!”

The only problem is that Amanda NOT being loyal has got Lil Fizz son hooked on her. Fizz son really likes her, but Moniece was 100% right, Amanda is NOT ready to be around her son. Mo has every right to be a protective mother and Amanda has NOT been honest to Drew or herself. Even her Aunt thinks she NEEDS to break it off with Fizz because she is wasting his time and his son’s.

Watch Fizz bond with his son over ice cream while they talk about Amanda. This is why it’s hard to date when you have a child. You should NEVER bring your date around your kids until they’re ready. It is too much on the kids, because they go through heartbreak like the parent.