Alice In Chains Slapped With Lawsuit

Alice In Chains Slapped With Lawsuit

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Layne Staley‘s mom is suing the remaining original members of AIC —Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney!

The mother of deceased Alice In Chains lead singer Layne Staley has sued her son’s former bandmates (guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney). The lawsuit is claiming they cut her out of royalties owed on the band’s hits. Read on…

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Nancy McCallum’s suit alleges she’s owed about 16 percent of the band’s income, but that the group is trying to cut her out of the equation.

514-Alice In Chains Slapped With Lawsuit-1Alice In Chains Lawsuit Details:

Here’s the drop:

The Seattle, Washington grown band has responded, saying that Layne Staley’s heirs will still receive money from songs he wrote or co-wrote, but that McCallum is attempting to be far too involved with her late son’s band!

Word is, Staley’s mother has crossed the line and is now trying to SLAP the band a copyright infringement suit over the name, since she has been attempting to copyright the Alice In Chains name.

McCallum claims that she only did this to protect her son’s legacy, since the group has continued to perform and record as Alice In Chains after Staley’s death in 2002.

In September, the group told McCallum it was liquidating Staley’s position in Chains, which essentially means that, while his heirs would still receive royalties from songs he wrote, they would not be getting a share of the profits for merchandising, endorsements, and so on.

It also hired an accountant to estimate what Staley’s share of the band was worth—a number that, at $341,000, is far less than the $705,000 Staley’s family has already been paid in the 10 years since he died. Nevertheless, McCallum is asking for a court order that would allow her to keep her 16 percent stake in the group and would award her any of her son’s assets currently controlled by the band, whatever those would be.

Staley was the best known member of Alice in Chains during the band’s 1990s heyday, which saw the release string of hit albums including the quadruple platinum “Dirt.”

In 2002, Layne Staley was found dead in his Seattle home. The following Monday, an autopsy and toxicology report revealed that Staley died from a mixture of heroin and cocaine.


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