Akon Wants To Release Lady Gaga Unreleased Music

Akon Wants To Release Lady Gaga Unreleased Music

Akon reveals that he has a number of unreleased Lady Gaga songs he recorded with her and he’s hoping to drop them.

The ‘Locked Up’ hitmaker kickstarted Lady Gaga’s career of the global superstar and helped sign a joint deal with Interscope Records and his own KonLive Distribution back in 2007. Now, Akon wants to release Lady Gaga unreleased songs. Read on…

Akon Wants To Release Lady Gaga Unreleased Music

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Akon who wants to release Lady Gaga Unreleased Music.

The “Konvict Music” singer spoke with The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column revealing, “I’ve got a Lady Gaga folder of stuff that’s never been released.”

Akon feels that its time to release her music, but he needs to make sure she is on the same page first.

He explains:

I think it will be redone but it will be heard. It all depends on how she feels because she’s the boss.

Akon also reveals that he and Lady Gaga will be making music together in the future.

He goes on to say:

In the future? 100 percent. We’re definitely going to do a lot more together.

The now Latin and Afrobeats star recently revealed he still sees the 33-year-old star as his ”little sister” stating:

Now that one [Lady Gaga] bumped right into me … it was crazy man. The relationship is still solid, that’s still my little sister.

It will be interesting t see what develops in the future for Gaga and Akon.

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